"The Voice of Distinction"

HEIGHT: 6'1"
SHIRT: 17-37
HAIR: Not Much
EYES: Brown
TALENT: Singing, acting, voice overs, media ads
SPECIAL SKILLS: Ear Prompter, TelePrompTer, Buppie Dialect, Caribbean Dialect, Southern Dialect
REPRESENTATION: STEWART TALENT, 58 West Huron, Chicago, IL, 312-943-3131

Bernard is a professional entertainer with over 30 years of experience on stage singing, performing, and acting. His career has taken him around the globe, touring Europe and the Orient as well as numerous cities in the U.S. Bernard  began singing in the first grade on the West side of Chicago, harmonizing with a childhood friend, immulating the songs of that era.  Bernard continued this trend throughout High School, at which time he hooked up with other singers in the neighborhood, forming groups that would stand on the corner for hours "doowoping".  According to Bernard, "We'd walk  the entire neighborhood for blocks, stopping along the way and drawing crowds." 

Around the age of 19, Bernard moved to the south side of Chicago, and began listening to a different kind of music  that included Jazz, Fusion, and Experimental Jazz a.k.a. Avante Garde. It was  then that he developed more as a soloist, creating  his own sound as a  Baritone Bass singer. This  afforded him the opportunity to work with some very renowned musicians, singers, and actors such as Phil Cochran, Muhal Richard Abrams, and others.  At the same time he began getting exposure in different theaters mainly on the South side of Chicago, landing him work with various independent  productions, along with getting to know the writers, actors, directors, and producers in the city, which he worked with helping to develop scripts.

Bernard's distinguishing look, charming personality, and outstanding talent has landed him a number of  appearances in media ads, commercial films, television programs, and theatrical performances in professional theatre. His tantalizing, sultry, velvety-smooth voice is captivating and like none other. "The Voice of Distinction" has been featured in several voice overs for various major industry corporations.  In 1990, upon returning from touring in Japan, he joined a four man vocal group called The Moods until 2010! To all my wonderful fans. Thanks and...Stay tuned.

Bernard Mixon
someone special
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